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100 Braille Cookbooks & a several “How to Books”

14 Savory Ways to Shake the Salt Habit
20 Minute Menus
55 Best Brownies, The
Allez, Vien! French Level 3 Gramm. & Vocab. Workbook
Armenian Cookbook, The
Baker’s Book of Coconut Delights
Baker’s Chocolate and Coconut
Baking with Best Foods
Best of Bisquick, The
Beyond TV Dinners
Blender Way to Better Cooking, The
Butter Cookie Cookbook
Butter Flavor Crisco Cookie Collection and
Calumet Treasury
Campbell Collection
Calumet Treasury
Campbell Collection
Canning:  Fruits, Jams and Jellies
Canning:  Meat, Poultry and Fish
Canning:  Vegetables
Casserole Cookbook
Chef’s Create with Bisquick
Cooking With Betty Crocker Mixes
Cool and Easy Cooking for Today with Bisquick
Country Kitchen Collection Casserole Recipes
Create a Classic
Crockery Cooking
Crock-Pot Cookbook (Rival) Vol. 1 of 2
Cure/81 Ham Book, The
Dominoes    (1 pamphlet)
Easy Do-Ahead Recipes with Bisquick
Easy Ways to Delicious Meals
Eating the New Way with Nabisco Shredded Wheat
Everybody’s Natural Foods Cookbook
Fast with Class
Favorite Chocolate Desserts from Nestle
Favorite Yogurt Recipes from Dannon
First Steps in Chess
Food and Cooking Tips
Food for Fifty-Fifth Edition
Garlic Lovers’ Cookbook, The (last vol.)
Gifts In A Jar (Holiday Recipes)
Great American Chocolate Festival, The
Great American Peanut Butter Book, The
Guide to Your Spice Shelf
Hamburger Helper
Healthy Eating for Your Kids
Hershey’s Cocoa Cookbook
Hershey’s Rees’s Peanut butter Chips and Hershey’s Syrup
Holiday Baking with Nestle Toll House
Holy Bible, The – II Corinthians
Home Canning of Fruits
Home Style Cooking
Homemade for the Holidays
Hormel Potpourri
I Never Cooked Before Cookbook
Jell-O–Brand and Pie Fillings
John – New Int’l Version – Int’l Bible Society
Kraft Classics
L.C.W. Cookbook
Land O’Lakes Cookie Lover’s Cookbook
Libby’s Honest to Goodness Pumpkin Recipes
Make Homemade Bread Your Specialty
Make It Now–Bake It Later! #3
Make It Now–Bake It Later! #4
Make It Now–Bake It Now!  #2
Maps of  the U.S. and Europe (tactile)
Meat Recipes
Microwave Cookbook
Mmm in Minutes
Mocha Mix Cookbook
Mrs. Weiss Kluske Cookbook
No Sugar Cooking
No Time for Baking
Peter Max New Age Cookbook
Peter Max New Age Organic Vegetarian Cookbook
Philadelphia Brand Cream Cheese
Prizewinning Recipes by You
Quick and Easy Cooking
Recipes from Nestle Foods
San Francisco Braille Maps, The (maps produced by Multiple Services Media Tech., Inc)
Savory Selections
Series Complex Recipes (1 pamphlet)
Sewing Applications
Shortcut Cooking with Lipton Side Dishes
Shortcut Cooking with Taste and Style
Soups, stews and casseroles
Sunset Oriental Cookbook (1st & last vol.)
Sunset Salads
Swift Eckrich Medley
Taming Your Taste for Salt
U is for Undertow
Uncle Ben’s Quick and Easy
Wise Ideas from Dips to Desserts
Woman’s Day Cookbook
Woman’s Day Cookbook

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